Dimoitou track-down progress report

This page is a public record of my current progress in tracking down the cassettes and other materials from Dimoitou. I would give anything to own a complete set of Dimoitou cassettes. If you have them, please reach out. Please note: If you have cassettes which I have already obtained and you were planning to throw them away, please send them to me instead (at my expense). If I end up with extras, I will give those away if I find someone who would cherish and respect them as much as I do.

Petit Dimoitou (50 percent* obtained)

Petit Dimoitou, the kindergarten-level Dimoitou program, came with a total of two cassettes. I have found a copy, but one of the cassettes is a homemade copy (and the quality is significantly lower than the original cassette). If you have an original copy of this, please reach out.

Dimoitou One (20 percent obtained)

Dimoitou One came with five cassettes. So far, I have obtained only cassette two (corresponds to November and December). I would absolutely love to own a complete set of Dimoitou One cassettes, so please reach out if you have it.

Dimoitou Two (30 percent obtained)

Dimoitou Two came with ten cassettes (one corresponding to each month of the school season). I have obtained three of them so far. This is a fantastic start, but I’d give anything to own a complete set of Dimoitou Two cassettes. If you have them, please reach out.

Dimoitou Three (100 percent obtained)

Dimoitou Three came with five cassettes, and I am extremely fortunate to have found a complete set of them in good condition! If you have these, and you have no plans for them other than to throw them away, please send them to me anyway (I’ll cover the shipping). I’m sure I’ll find someone to give them to who will appreciate them in due course.

Dimoitou song cassettes (66 percent* obtained)

Each Dimoitou level (with the presumed exception of Petit Dimoitou) came with a set of cassettes containing songs, stories and activities. They also offered condensed cassettes containing only the songs. These are the cassettes which were given to the musicians. Whether these cassettes came with the Dimoitou kits or had to be purchased separately I do not know. I have the ‘chansons’ cassettes for levels one and three. Presumably there was also a set of these for level two. If you have this, please readch out.

Non-audio materials (100%* obtained)

The Dimoitou kits included cassettes, student textbooks, a teacher’s guide, work sheets and marionettes. I received a large quantity of Dimoitou materials, which I presume to contain 100 percent of the non-audio materials. As a blind person, it would be difficult to independently go through these materials, so I cannot definitively state whether I am missing anything or not. This section will be updated as I learn more.


Since the documentary aired on CBC radio, I have managed to obtain a significant percentage of the Dimoitou materials. To make a complete set, I still need to find most of the cassettes from levels one and two. If you can provide these, I would be eternally grateful; please reach out so we can make arrangements.